Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Duo to Ukraine been on of the hosting country  of Euro 2012 nations cup, the academic broad has shorten  the academic year to MAY 2012. Therefore all Ukrainian universities and academies will end there 2nd semester exams by 30th of May and before 6th of June nobody should be in school again.
   On that case the admission to the new academic year starts 1st of May 2012, which will last till 30th July 2012. We have been helping people to get admitted to the listed University and academies since 2007 and we have no bad reputation so far...All our students(from different countries ) gets to Ukraine and start there academic carry without people and we do help them starting from there INVITATION, GETTING VISA, WELCOMING THEM AT THE AIR PORT, AND REGISTERING THEM TO THE UNIVERSITY. If you wish to join any of the university or need any question, contact our agent on SKYPE: CHIBOY441 OR +380934412499 or write us following the contact form by the left of this blog. We wish you the best.

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