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Study In Odessa Maritime Academy Ukraine

Odessa national maritime academy,Ukraine now introduce English language to the teaching level. while speaking the Odessa maritime academe said 
The Academy pays much attention to English teaching. Thus, "The English language" is regarded as a profile academic subject. The training system is provided in compliance with the requirements of STCW - 78/95 Convention.
Cadets' training is carried out at three departments:
  • English in Navigation;
  • English in Hydrography and VHF Communication;
  • English in Ship's Power Engineering. 
On entering ONMA applicants pass an English Entrance Computer Test.
   In the other hands inviting all the international students who wish to sail on ship to join them with a very perfect and qualified teachers in acquiring very good knowledge . 

The system of seafarers training meets the standards of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers,1978, as amended,1995(STCW 78 as amended).
In addition to diploma of higher education, all cadets obtain the Certificates of Competency which enables them to apply for a position of officers on board vessels of any shipping company of the world.

The Academy's specialists' level of training meets the requirements of International Maritime Organization (IMO). ONMA keeps in touch with the United Nations' International Maritime Organization, specialized agency (London, Great Britain). The Academy elaborated a number of documents from the part of Ukraine and takes part in the work of sessions, committees and sub-committees. Academy's professors and lecturers participate in the work of International Maritime Organization as competent persons (experts).
Odesa National Maritime Academy's activity has met with wide international recognition. Expertise of crew members' training at ONMA (demands' assessment and planning mission within the framework of integrated technical cooperation programme) was held by International Maritime Organization's experts' group in 1996. The experts expressed their appreciation of crew specialists of sea- and river-going transport training quality.
Odesa National Maritime Academy is still considered to be the only educational establishment that trains qualified officers for the marine transport foreign vessels. Nowadays 245 foreign students from 31 countries are studying at the Academy.
During the period from 1950 till 2009 more than 1000 cadets from 86 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, including the near abroad countries, such as Russian Federation, Moldova, Georgia etc., graduated from the Academy.
They have trained alot of international students,of which the first foreign student from Poland Pytko Zgybnew arrived to study here in 1950, then, in 1951 a citizen of Czechoslovakia, Materna Yirji, a citizen of China, Yui Yuan Fu and later in 1953 – another citizen of China, Chan Lai Sai also came here to get education. In 1955 students from Poland, the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam etc. were coming to study at Odesa Higher Marine School.
Odessa National Maritime Academy
8, Didrikhson str., Odessa, 65029, Ukraine
Agent contact:+380944412499

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